Mass Hysteria Over Mysterious 'Black Figure' Shuts Malaysia School

Students and teachers alike panic after reportedly seeing an ominous “black figure” lurking in hallways and classrooms.

A school in Kelantan, Malaysia, is making headlines for a bizarre supernatural reason.

Last week, local authorities were forced to briefly shut down SMK Pengkalan Chepa after students and teachers reported seeing spirits roaming around the compound. Some of them even claimed to have undergone supernatural experiences along with hearing screams coming from the classrooms.

However, after school authorities in the Muslim majority country called in supernatural experts and conducted prayers to combat the bad spirits, the educational institution was set to reopen on Sunday.

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Interestingly, the journalists gathered outside the school gates were also able to hear the screams coming from the compound, but weren't allowed to enter the school premises.

Students and teachers have narrated their various experiences, and while one teacher reported that she felt a “heavy” presence hanging on to her, another stated that a “black figure” was trying to enter her body.

Approximately 100 people from the school underwent similar experiences, causing a mass hysteria to break out.

"But the place is a bit old, and these children can be disobedient and sometimes throw their rubbish around the school grounds. Perhaps they hit some 'djinns' and offended the spirits," a senior school staff member told the BBC, referring to supernatural creatures in Arab folklore that occupy a parallel world to that of humankind.

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No one has yet been able to identify what actually happened or why these supposed “bad spirits” suddenly began disturbing the school. But as Islamic preachers continue to recite Quranic verses at the premises and conduct prayers, authorities are hopeful that things will soon go back to normal.

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