Racist Trolls Attack Malia Obama For Getting Into Harvard

Malia Obama's acceptance to Harvard University has the tongues of racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic trolls wagging.


You'd think President Barack Obama’s daughter taking a gap year before beginning her college education wasn’t significantly controversial to get tongues wagging. But you would be dead wrong about that.

A Fox News page, which recently ran a story on Malia Obama getting accepted at Harvard University, saw its comment section shut down after the piece received a series of racist responses from readers.

The most inoffensive remarks only accused Malia of getting into Harvard due to affirmative action — a policy of favoring members of disadvantaged communities who suffer discrimination. But other readers went as far as berating her with offensive terms such as “ni****”, “monkey” and an “ape,” proving even the daughter of a president isn’t exempt from racist attacks.

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Malia Obama

A few people even remarked on her African heritage calling it “black privilege” — an ironic term, considering the number of black people shot dead or wrongfully incarcerated each year, thereby giving further testament to the fact that minority communities struggle even for basic rights.

Racist Troll

Harvard University

Ridicule Malia Obama

Admission At Harvard

President Barack Obama’s daughter

This comment is one of the “most liked” in the short time it was up, and why not? The racist managed to insult three different groups of people in a single sentence.

her college education

tongues wagging

Harvard University

Malia Obama


This isn’t the first time the president’s daughter has become the target for controversy. Malia also became the subject of rumors after students alleged she played beer pong while touring Brown University. She was also criticized for a snapshot that showed her wearing Pro Era’s — a musical group — T-shirt.

Republican Elizabeth Lauten also posted a mean-spirited tweet about the girls where she trashed the first daughters' choice of wardrobe and called them “bad role models.”

It is disgusting that people don’t even have the decency to avoid attacking the president’s daughters even though they are still underage and do nothing personally to put themselves in the spotlight.

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