Lion Bites Off Its Own Tail After It Got Stuck In Watering Hole

Video shows two malnourished lions walking inside their cage, but one lion’s tail appears to be injured.

A disturbing video of a pair of malnourished lions roaming around in their cage in the Taiyuan Zoo in Shanxi Province, China, is drawing the attention of animal rights activists across the world.

The footage, recorded by a tourist during Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, focused on the lion’s tail, which appeared severely injured. Apparently, the lion had bit it as a last resort after it got stuck inside a watering hole and froze.

As if these conditions weren’t bad enough, some Chinese social media users believe the lion could have chewed on its own body part because it was hungry and the zoo hadn’t fed him properly. Both the lions in the video appear underfed.

Some users on microblogging site Sina Weibo said the lions looked rather depressed walking around in their tiny enclosure.

However, a zoo spokesman denied the accusations, explaining the lion fell asleep with its tail inside an artificial drinking hole, which froze over in the cold temperatures. The tail suffered tissue damage and bled, so the lion “bit it off,” said the spokesman.

According to him, the lion was put on a course of medication to stop the bleeding after employees discovered the injury.

Whatever the case may be, Chinese zoos are known for animal abuse.

Last year, a Chinese circus sparked backlash when a video of it was released showing a tiger tied to a metal table so visitors could sit on it to click pictures.

Recently, a zoo in northern China was exposed for feeding live puppies to its pythons. Apparently, they had been doing it for quite some time and the authorities only decided to put an end to the practice when someone filmed a video and uploaded it online, provoking global outrage.

A visitor at the Riverside Zoo in Pingdingshan, Henan province reportedly captured on camera a large yellow python coiling around a live small puppy in an enclosure before devouring it.

It is just sad to see how a major industrialized nation like China doesn't have sensible legislation against animal cruelty.

Thumbnail/Banner: Pixabay, Gerald Fried Rich 

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