Arkansas Teacher Calls The Obamas ‘First Chimp,’ ‘Spider Monkey’

“Just good to see that nasty chimp and her spider monkey husband gone for good,” the man later told a news channel as explanation for his post.

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Yet another racist bigot has labeled the first lady as a “chimp.”

Teacher Trent Bennett of Malvern High School, Arkansas, resigned after he landed in hot water for making racist comments about the African American community and the Obamas.

“Michelle Obummer … America’s First Chimp,” the teacher wrote on a Facebook post that has since been deleted.



When he was asked why he wrote such a thing about the first lady, the odious man replied, “Just good to see that nasty chimp and her spider monkey husband gone for good,” according to KARK.

When the comments were revealed, Malvern High School, which is currently on holiday break, said its employee’s posts were “inappropriate, insensitive and used racially charged rhetoric.”

“In no way are these posts reflective of the district. The district is currently investigating the matter and due to privacy laws and regulations are not able to comment specifically on any details related to the investigation,” said the school’s Facebook post. “The district takes this kind of activity very seriously and the appropriate measures will be taken once the investigation is complete.”

The Arkansas chapter of the NAACP has also denounced Bennett for his divisive rhetoric.

“There is no place in an educational system for someone in a public position of authority that is willing to publicly make the comments that you are alleged to have made,” Arkansas State Conference NAACP President Rizelle Aaron said in a letter to the teacher.

“We’ve never had this problem before,” Tabitha Hughes, who graduated from Malvern in 199 and whose niece and nephews attend the school, said. “I guess that’s why it’s disturbing to us.”

“A lot of kids read that. It’s very heartbreaking that they are having to go into that school and feel a certain type of way now,” she added.






On Thursday, the school met in a very quick special session to accept Bennett’s resignation.

As for the teacher, he sent a letter of apology to KATV:

“I would like to issue an apology for the outrage and hurt feelings caused by these comments. I acknowledge that they were disrespectful and offensive. I am aware of the impact this has had, and though I negate that I have ever conducted myself in a less than professional manner in regard to my students, I have resigned my teaching position at Malvern High School. “

He also added that he had removed his social media presence and that he would not be available for further interviews by the media.

However, some parents are still not mollified and are considering boycotting the school’s sports events even after Bennett’s resignation.

This isn’t the first time the Obamas have been subjected to racism by an educator.

Earlier this year, a primary school teacher’s aide, Jane Wood Allen, called the first lady “a gorilla” on her Facebook page.

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