Man Accidentally Admits To Sexual Assault During Job Interivew

Apparently unaware that his actions would lead to consequences, this man confessed to sexual assault while being interviewed for a police job.

A man seeking employment with law enforcement in South Charleston, West Virginia ended up getting more than he bargained for — but that's because he thought he could confess to a rape and not be caught.

During the Feb. 8 pre-employment interview held by Sgt. A.R. Gordon, Price said he had had sexual relations with a woman, reports show.

Price and the victim had been out drinking, he told the interviewer, and he had recorded a video of her in his phone. On the same day, Price contacted the woman after the interview, telling her about the footage and the incident.

On Feb. 23, officers interviewed the alleged victim. She told them that while she did consume a great deal of alcohol that night she had not consented to have sex with Price.

She also said she had no recollection of the entire ordeal.

The victim told officers she had been unaware Price had recorded a video of her until earlier that month when he contacted her.

After interviewing the victim, local police charged the 21-year-old man with second-degree sexual assault. He is being held in South Central Regional Jail on a $25,000 bond.

While we're glad this incident was brought to light and the rapist is paying for his crimes, it's incredible to think that he may have felt comfortable confessing to this crime to a police officer while seeking employment in the law enforcement field.

Was he thinking that telling them the truth wouldn't amount to any consequences or was he just being naive?

Either way, his behavior is unacceptable and we're glad officials acted promptly on it.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Joshua Lott

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