Man Shot A Woman And Himself In The Foot While Fiddling With His Sock

A man attending a graduation ceremony in Kansas accidentally shot himself and another when he was adjusting the position of his concealed gun in his sock.

CBS reports that two people were injured at a high school commencement ceremony in southern Kansas after a man accidentally shot of his gun.

While people were filling up the Augusta High School stadium for the ceremony, a man seated in the bleachers foolishly shot himself in the foot with his concealed weapon. He was holding a small, semi-automatic in his sock, which became uncomfortable.

The gun went off while the owner was adjusting his sock.  

The bullet hit the man in the right foot, then somehow ricocheted off his foot to hit a woman standing about fifty feet away. The man was able to drive himself to the hospital, but the woman, who was wounded in the calf, was reported to be in serious condition while taken to the hospital.

One witness described that she was “bleeding like crazy.” The woman’s family has announced that she will be okay, despite her severe bleeding from the foolish gun shot. They have not commented on whether they will press charges against the accidental shooter.  

According to the CBS report, the Augusta police chief later explained it was a “knucklehead situation” and that the gun owner did in fact have a permit to carry a firearm.

The police chief said that he was going to prosecute the man for carrying a firearm on school grounds, which is illegal.

Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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