Man Accused Of Rape Allegedly Sent Victim A Crying Face Emoji

A 24-year-old alleged rapist sent his accuser a remorseful message on WhatsApp, admitting that he was wrong along with a crying face emoji.

Most sexual assault survivors want nothing to do with their rapists after they've been assaulted, but one alleged rapist reached out to his victim after the act.

Ryan Falconer allegedly raped his 20-year-old friend last May and later sent her a text message with a crying face emoji telling her he’s f****d up, Elite Daily reports.

Falconer, 24, entered the woman's family home, went into her bedroom, and forced the victim on top of him and proceeded to rape her.

Following the attack, the victim reportedly went on Google and typed “I think I have just been raped” and “was I raped.”

Falconer sent his unidentified victim a text that read, “I’m sorry! I wanted you to say no one more time then it would have stopped. I’ve f****d up.”

The victim responded saying, “I can’t cope Ryan really can’t. This is just about to push me over the edge.”

He replied telling her, “Me neither. :/ Please don’t. Come tomorrow focus on the good you’ve got. If you need me outa [sic] your life completely I understand.”

Man Sends Women Texts On WhatsApp After Alleged Rape

Falconer pleaded not guilty to one count of rape and said that the victim didn’t tell him to stop and that the sexual activity was consensual.

The fact that the alleged rapist texted the victim that if she said no "one more time" he would have stopped, proved that he was lying under a court of law and that he did indeed rape her, and violated without consent. 

Falconer believes that a text message with a sad face emoji is an appropriate way to apologize for his act is uncalled for, and just shows that he is too ashamed of his actions to be brave enough to apologize to his victim in person. 

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