Man Accused Of Hanging Noose And Racist Signs To Scare Neighbors

The man displayed racist signs and a noose on his property. Neighbors say he was trying to intimidate them. Now, he's in the custody of local authorities.

Anti-racism signs with anti-Trump messages.

The nation's long struggle with bias and bigotry seems far from over.

A man from North Carolina was recently arrested after accusations surfaced that he was trying to intimidate his neighbors with racist stunts. But it's what he suspended from a tree that really sparked outrage.

Jeffery McDaniel, 59, of Asheboro, North Carolina, was arrested after neighbors said he hanged inflammatory and racist signs up on his property. They also claim he attached a noose to a tree.

The signs contained racist and derogatory language meant to scare and intimidate his neighbors, WFMY reports.

McDaniel was taken to Randolph County Jail after detectives interviewed neighbors and took photos of the noose. The object was also confiscated as evidence.

McDaniel was charged with two counts of trespassing, one count of placing exhibit with intention of intimidating others, and communicating threats.

A local Fox affiliate said his bail is set at $7,500.

It's upsetting to think that individuals across America are still invested in promoting divisiveness and hatred by using their own property to scare and intimidate others.

Similar incidents are reported regularly, and while we're glad that this particular ordeal did not involve physical violence, we hope this arrest serves as a warning to others believing they can intimidate their neighbors with the same tactics.

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