Man Crashes Drone Into Empire State Building, Then Tweets About It

A man who was using a drone to take photos of the Manhattan skyline "accidentally" flew it straight into the Empire State Building.

A New Jersey man was just casually flying his drone in Manhattan when it “accidentally” flew into the Empire State Building.

Sean Riddle, 27, was arrested after he asked security to help retrieve his gadget from a ledge on the skyscraper’s 36th floor, the New York Times reports. The security guards agreed to help, but instead called the police.

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Riddle faces charges of reckless endangerment and avigation in and over New York City, which applies in cases related to the navigation of an aircraft.

He was reportedly using the device to take photos of the Manhattan skyline before the crash.

The humorous part is that not only did Riddle get arrested, but he also never got his drone back.

It’s pretty evident that Riddle wasn’t aware that what he was doing was illegal, because he posted an incriminating tweet about the whole ordeal just before his arrest while waiting for security to “help” him retrieve his drone. 

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