Man Arrested For Drawing School Shooting Scene On Student’s Homework

The Florida man was arrested for threatening to murder children after the horrific drawing appeared on an assignment belonging to a local student.

Candlelight vigil after a school shooting.

A deranged man was arrested in Florida for drawing a disturbing scene involving an attack against a school on a student’s homework.

Robert Paul Alexander Edwards, 33, is the man behind the illustration, which depicted a school building engulfed in flames, as well as a line of students being shot at by a gunman, and what appear to be two individuals lying in pools of blood. He even wrote out the sound effect of gunshots, “pew pew pew,” on the horrific scene.

Officials learned about the drawing because it made its way to staff at Port St. Joe Elementary School after it appeared on the child's homework. However, the Gulf County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office did not say if Edwards is acquainted with the student in question.

According to Sheriff Mike Harrison, authorities are taking “this very seriously.”

Knowing that “[o]ur country has been affected one too many times with horrific school tragedies,” Harrison explained that there is no reason for local officials and school leadership to believe that an attack was actually going to be carried out.

Still, the man behind the drawing was charged with threat to kill or do bodily injury.

It’s absolutely horrific that someone would even joke about such a serious subject, making a young child carry a drawing depicting murder and arson without thinking that he would have to face consequences.

During a time in American history when we see these tragedies taking place frequently, it’s important to keep our eyes peeled for this type of behavior so we can stop potential attacks in their tracks.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Omar Sobhani

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