Man Yells Racial Slurs Before Beating A Woman Bloody At Taco Shop

“I remember falling towards the rocks, and even when I was on my knees in the rocks he kept hitting me,” said Carmen Porter, recalling the horrific incident.

Carmen Porter

A woman received 15 stitches and has been scarred for life after a man assaulted her outside a taco shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, in what appears to be a racially motivated attack.

Carmen Porter said she was pulling out of the drive-thru at Roberto’s Taco Shop in the early hours of Monday when she heard someone allegedly shouting racial slurs at her. At first, she contemplated driving away, but then decided to get out the car and speak to the man.

“I heard him saying [racial expletive] into my window. Part of me wanted to drive off and go home, but obviously a bigger part of me wanted to confront him,” she told KTNV, refusing to show her badly injured face to the camera. “I asked him, what did you just say to me and began shouting and saying ‘It is called freedom of speech. You heard me.'”

At this point, the man suddenly turned violent.

The surveillance footage recorded the assailant enter the shop and grab a yellow “wet floor” sign and swing it at Porter.

“At that point, my phone is covered in blood,” Porter stated. “And it didn’t process in my mind, get back in the car.”

The man then dropped the sign and calmly walked to the counter to place his order, before picking up the sign once again. A second camera filmed him relentlessly hitting the victim multiple times until she falls down to her knees.

“I remember falling towards the rocks, and even when I was on my knees in the rocks he kept hitting me,” Porter continued.  “To see him walking back to the counter to finish ordering his food, like it was OK. I don’t know what to do but be hurt and angry.”

Another man, who appeared to be the suspect’s friend, then pulled him away from Porter. They got into a car and drove away.

Porter was then taken to a hospital.

Las Vegas Police Lieutenant David Gordon told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Porter is African American while her attacker was white, adding the man left the site in a light-colored sedan accompanied by two men in their 20s. However, neither of them took part in the assault.

Find out more in the video below.

Warning: Some viewers may find the footage disturbing.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America, people.

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