Racist Passenger Attacks Asian Taxi Driver, Smashes His Car With A Bat

A self-proclaimed racist man assaulted an Asian taxi driver and smashed his car’s windows after claiming he was responsible for the Manchester terror attack.

In yet another display of bigotry driven by utter ignorance, a self-proclaimed racist man allegedly attacked a taxi driver and smashed his car’s windows in Derby, U.K.

Terence Poxon assaulted the unidentified driver after falsely blaming him for the Manchester terror attack in May, which claimed 25 lives and injured more than 250 people.

Derby Crown Court prosecutor Steven Taylor explained how the incident unfolded after Poxon called a taxi driver from his home in Acorn Close, Shelton Lock on May 28.

“The taxi driver asked him where he wanted to go and the defendant answered ‘Normanton’. When the driver asked him ‘where in Normanton' he suddenly became aggressive and said to the victim ‘you did the Manchester bomb’. “He then pulled a wooden baton from his sleeve of his coat.”

Poxon claimed the victim “firebombed kids” attending the Manchester concert before pulling a baseball bat and smashing his car’s windows.

This incident occurred a week after the Ariana Grande concert tragedy.

The 58-year old, who was wearing a Union Jack T-shirt at the time of the incident, said he had a baseball bat in case anyone questioned his outfit.

Poxon later told police he was very pleased with what he did, “Yes, I am being racist,” he said.

Taylor said the violence “frightened the cabbie,” who managed to pull over in Chellaston Road and get out of his vehicle.

“One of the witnesses said the defendant was wearing a Union Jack T-shirt and gesticulating in a confrontational manner shouting ‘Chelsea, Chelsea’ like a football chant. He then pointed at the taxi driver and shouted ‘guilty,’” mentioned Taylor.

According to the Derby Telegraph, Poxon had fled the location by the time the police arrived. He was later arrested at his residence. 

Far from regretting his reprehensible actions, the bigot was reportedly proud of his behavior.

“He said to the officers ‘yes, I am being racist’ and was not apologetic about it," Taylor added.

Poxon was charged with a racially aggravated public order offence, racially-aggravated criminal damage and threatening a person with an offensive weapon in a public place.

“The victim was doing nothing more than carrying out his job in a law abiding way when you decided you were going to teach him a lesson for something he was not responsible for,” said Judge Nirmal Shant.

Poxon will spend 25 weeks in jail for his offenses.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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