Man Claims His Beard Was Too Scary For One Alaska Airlines Passenger

Mark French was denied boarding onto a plane and, he says, told not to come back until he did something about his beard.

In what appears to be yet another incident of racial profiling on planes, a man named Mark French was stopped from boarding an Alaska Airlines flight.

French was not allowed to board the plane after a passenger complained his beard looked “Arabic and scary,” according to his sister Maria’s Facebook post:


She added, in the comments thread, the security guard told French “to shave his beard before he comes back.”

While speaking to NewsFix, French said he was attending a call in the waiting area when a woman told him to put away his phone. Shortly, he was approached by airport security who told him he couldn’t board the plane “until he was clean shaven.”

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Alaska Airlines stated in a statement issued to News Fix that the man’s ethnicity didn’t play a part in the incident:

“The passenger was deemed unfit to fly at that time but was rebooked for a flight today to his destination. There is more to the story, but per our company policy we do not share details about our passengers.”

French confirmed he was indeed offered to rebook his return flight at the same price, however, he feels that “doesn't make up for the humiliation of being targeted as a terrorist because he didn't shave.”

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