Man Crushes Worshipers Outside London Mosque – Is He A Terrorist?

“So if the victim is Muslim, but the perpetrator is not Muslim, that means it can't be terrorists in the eyes of the mainstream media?”

Finsbury Park

UPDATE: The attacker behind the wheel of the van that plowed into mosque-goers in north London has been identified as Darren Osborne, a 47-year-old father of four.

Originally from Somerset, he currently resides in Cardiff in Wales.

His decision to drive a van into pedestrians killed one person, leaving ten others injured as a result. The police took the man into custody on suspicion of committing terrorism offenses, CNN reports.

According to the attacker's neighbor, Saleem Naema, a 50-year-old Muslim taxi driver, Osborne had always been helpful to him and his son.

“If I ever needed anything he would come. I just can't believe that he did that. I am a Muslim,” he said.

“He was in his kitchen yesterday afternoon singing with his kids,” Khadijeh Sherizi, another one of the attacker's neighbors, told reporters. “I just can't believe it.”

It's terrifying that someone you think you know and interact with on a regular basis could commit such an atrocity.

In yet another terror incident, a van plowed into worshippers leaving a London mosque, killing at least one person and injuring several.

The incident took place shortly after midnight a few hundred feet from the Finsbury Park Mosque on Seven Sisters Road. 

The attacker, whose name has not yet been released, is believed to be 48 years old. According to witnesses, he screamed that he wanted to “kill all Muslims.”

Witnesses at the scene were shocked to hear that some media outlets and authorities failed to identify the incident as a terror attack.

“So if the victim is Muslim, but the perpetrator is not Muslim, that means it can't be terrorists in the eyes of the mainstream media?” said Ahmed Kaballo, a witness.

Interestingly, the suspect was taken to a hospital immediately after the incident where he will also undergo a “mental health assessment.”

That is not all; Peter Bergen, CNN national security analyst, also provided a narrative that held the victims responsible for the attack. He said that the mosque had a “notorious reputation” and “was a place where Islamist militants used to gather.”

Weeks before the attack, a white preacher also sent out a warning saying that “if the issue is not dealt with, the British public will take the matter in their own hands.”

Eye witnesses shared their chilling accounts of the incident.

“This big van just came and went all over us. I think at least eight or 10 people were injured. Luckily I managed to escape, and then the guy came out of his van,” said Abdulrahman Saleh Alamoudi, a witness.


“An elderly man who just came from the mosque, he just fainted and people were picking him up when the van he just sped up and ran them over when the guy was one the floor,” said Atikur Arhman, another witness.

Reportedly, as soon as the van stopped, the suspect was detained by the public and then arrested by the police in connection with the incident.  

According to the mosque’s website, the incident occurred outside Muslim Welfare House, a community center at a major intersection near Finsbury Park Mosque, where prayers were scheduled to be held shortly before 11 p.m.

Mohammed Kozbar, the mosque’s chairman, said, “Our thoughts and prayers with those who got injured and affected by this cowardly attack in Finsbury Park area, many casualties in the floor.”

Prime Minister Theresa May said the incident is being treated as a "potential terrorist attack.” London Mayor, Sadiq Khan also called the incident a “horrific terrorist attack.”

The Muslim Council of Britain also called on authorities to increase security outside mosques.

Harun Khan, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said, "During the night, ordinary British citizens were set upon while they were going about their lives, completing their night worship.

"Muslim communities have been calling for increased action to tackle the growth in hate crime for many years and transformative action must now be taken to tackle not only this incident but the hugely worrying growth in Islamophobia."

The attack comes weeks after the horrific Manchester attack and the Westminster attack. However, it is important to note the way some media outlets are handling the Finsbury attack. The attack is still being tackled as a “potential” terrorist attack.

All the three incidents claimed innocent lives, however, there was only one difference, unlike the other two the Finsbury attacker was not a Muslim in fact he attacked Muslims.

This raises questions that are only Muslims terrorists or are Muslims lives not innocent? These are questions that still remain unanswered.  

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