Man Dies After Being Attacked By Shark At Popular Cape Cod Beach

“I was that guy on the beach screaming, ‘Shark, shark!’,” a witness said. “It was like right out of that movie Jaws. This has turned into Amity Island real quick out here."

A 26-year-old man at a Cape Cod beach died after he was reportedly attacked by what was believed to be a great white shark.

This was Massachusetts’ first shark attack fatality in more than 82 years. The incident took place nearly 300 yards south of Newcomb Hollow Beach.

The Revere man, identified as Arthur Medici, was on a boogie board wearing a wetsuit and flippers when he was attacked at around noon.

Medici was given first aid, including CPR right after he was pulled out from the water, but died at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis.

Joe Booth, a local fisherman and surfer, said he was on shore when he saw the man getting attacked.

He said he saw Medici aggressively kick something and a glimpse of a tail from the water. Booth realized what was happening when a man came ashore dragging his injured friend.

“I was that guy on the beach screaming, ’Shark, shark!,” Booth said. “It was like right out of that movie Jaws. This has turned into Amity Island real quick out here."

He said others on the beach attempted to make a compressed bandage to slow down the bleeding while others frantically called 911.

Hayley Williamson, a Cape Cod former lifeguard who was on the beach at the time, was also shocked after the man was rushed into an ambulance.

"We've been surfing all morning right here, and they were just further down," she said of the two boogie-boarders. "Right spot, wrong time, I guess."

Although Medici was the first man killed by a shark in Massachusetts in 82 years, this the second recent attack in the area after Dr. William Lytton from New York was injured on Aug. 15. He had encountered a shark at Truro beach, about 4 miles north of the latest scene of attack.

Shark sightings have been increasing in the area, as a result of the increase in gray seal population.

According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) at the Florida Museum, there were 53 reported incidents of alleged contact of sharks with humans in the United States in 2017, but there were no fatalities.

Before Medici’s unfortunate demise, the last fatal shark attack in Massachusetts was in 1936.


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