Cops Smash Window Of Man Pulled Over For Seat Belt Violation

New Mexico police officers smashed a man’s window and violently dragged him from his car because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt and didn’t roll down the window.

Video of police officers dragging a man from his car in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has gone viral after the officers were recorded by a passenger.

The police officers were filmed smashing Phillip Page’s window after Page refused to roll it down. Officers then opened his door as Page told the officers to calm down. Three police officers, one of whom is a sergeant, ripped the man from the vehicle after forcibly removing his seat belt.

Angela Fisher-Herrera was in the passenger’s seat and recorded the incident. Herrera could be heard telling the officers not to hurt Page or break his arm as Page calmly reiterated, “This is completely unnecessary,” and asked why he was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt. The video clearly showed he was wearing a seat belt.

Authorities confirmed that Page was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt, but maintained that he was removed from the vehicle for non-compliance. Page told the Albuquerque Journal that he was within his rights by not rolling down the window because he had done nothing wrong and even responded, “No, thank you,” to the officers when instructed to unroll the window further.

“At that point we were very concerned. He’s not acting like a cop. He could’ve been calmer,” said Page.

Herrera said she also felt threatened at that point and dialed 911. The state police claimed that the officers tried to get Page to comply for more than 15 minutes.

Page and Herrera were arrested for resisting, evading, or obstructing an officer, concealing identity, reporting a false alarm or complaint by dialing 911, and seat belt violations.

The entire incident could have been avoided, and breaking a window by someone’s face, regardless of compliance, in lieu of an actual emergency seems extreme, to say the least.

While the couple could have complied, law enforcement abusing their power is never OK. Additionally, smashing Page's window was incredibly dangerous. After it was established that Page was, indeed, wearing his seat belt, the issue should have been resolved without further altercation. 

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