Man Accidentally Falls Into Giant Black Hole At Art Museum

An Italian man is recovering after falling into an art exhibit at the Serralves Museum in Portugal. The exhibit is a black hole created by artist Anish Kapoor.

A 60-year-old Italian man literally fell into a black hole at an art exhibit in Oporto, Portugal. The man fell into artist Anish Kapoor’s 8-foot hole, “Descent into Limbo.”

The artist created a dark hole in the middle of a floor to appear as an abyss. The man reportedly suffered back injuries due to the fall and was admitted to the hospital but has since been released.

People visiting the exhibit are asked to sign a disclaimer regarding the safety risks involved. A warning sign as well as a museum staff member both accompany the exhibit, yet that wasn’t enough to keep the man from falling.

Upon hearing the news, the artist said “What can I say? It is a shame.”

Kapoor is known for his controversial works, such as “Symphony for a Beloved Sun,” a piece about the more than 6 million Jewish people murdered during the Holocaust. The piece features blood-red wax bricks going up a conveyor belt and then smashing on the floor.

Thankfully, the man survived his fall into the black hole, but it didn’t take social media long to have a bit of fun at the fallen man’s expense.

It looks as though the proper protocol was followed regarding the safety for the exhibit, but unfortunately, it was not enough in this case. The exhibit was closed temporarily following the incident and should reopen soon. The museum would be wise to make sure that a similar fall into the black abyss doesn’t happen again by adding a few more security measures.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters/Philippe Wojazer

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