Man Fired After Threatening To Mow Down Phoenix Protesters On Facebook

"I admit it was a tasteless joke, but keyword here is it was a joke," said James Cobo of Arizona who was fired for making inflammatory Facebook comments.

Karma appears to be coming for white supremacists with a vengeance amid the many job terminations and arrests of participants in the violent Unite the Right rally that occurred in Charlottesville earlier this month.

One such case involves an Arizona man who posted on Facebook about running protesters over at President Donald Trump’s recent Phoenix rally, which was more like a “Unite the Right Jr.”

After James Cobo posted his threatening comment in a Facebook group for people looking to organize against Trump, he lost his job.

“You are all pathetic. Cant (sic) wait to drive through. 4×4 with push bumper will be sweet in this crowd. I named my lifted truck ‘trumper,'” Cobo wrote, according to Uproxx.

Additionally, he insensitively said Heather Heyer — who was killed in the Charlottesville crash — was “playing in the street.”

The very next day after posting his inflammatory remarks, he was fired from West Valley Tires Point S.

“West Valley Tires Point S wants to publicly state we do not condone or support violence or prejudice in anyway shape or form. We were recently made aware of an employee that posted outrageous posts and videos that are in no way affiliated with the positive views, values, and appreciation we have for people in our community and throughout the world. That person is no longer affiliated with West Valley Tires Point S.”

Cobo later attempted to defend his post as “a joke that was just meant to ruffle some feathers” — which is exactly what it did.

"I admit it was a tasteless joke, but keyword here is it was a joke,” Cobo said, according to AZ Central. “If anybody was ever going to go and intentionally hurt people, why would they talk about it on social media publicly before doing it?"

Alas, Cobo doesn’t seem to be aware that social media is one of the main recruiting strategies of terrorist organizations, including ISIS. So, in fact, there are very many people who would go out and hurt people after posting about it on social media.

Instead of apologizing for his offensive comment, he downplayed its severity and maintained that he never intended to physically hurt anyone, “just hurt feelings.”

“I never hurt anybody, nor did I have the intent to,” Cobo reportedly said. “I never said I was actually going to hit anybody with a vehicle. They assumed it. Never would have thought it would be a big deal … I still can’t figure out why I’m being called a racist. I’ve never even said anything racist … I was poking at them, trying to get a reaction like they do to the Trump supporters … Just hurt feelings like they do to everybody that doesn’t feel the same way they do about life.”

Ironically, Cobo also criticized social media users who submitted complaints about his post and alerted his employer. 

"I don't care that I got fired. I already got another job," he said. "The only thing that upsets me about this situation is that adults are able to throw a tantrum and raise hell and get what they want by doing so. This is not how America is supposed to work."

Let’s get this straight: Is Cobo saying people aren’t supposed to suffer consequences for making threats online, especially after a real tragedy just occurred in the same exact way?

It doesn’t matter if it was empty; a threat is a threat, and trying to pass one off as a "tasteless joke" doesn't make it OK.

Cobo evidently has no idea how America works, or how social media works. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters, Sandy Huffaker

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