Man Gets Just 10 Days Behind Bars After Pushing Woman From Balcony

A Tennessee man will serve only 10 days or less in jail for throwing a woman from a balcony after she rejected his request to have intercourse with her.

The disturbing trend of shockingly short sentences for violent crimes is still rearing its ugly head in our criminal justice system.

A Tennessee man was sentenced to just 10 days in prison after throwing a woman who refused to have sex with him from a motel balcony, according to Raw Story.

Wesley Dylan Marshall, 24, has been convicted of pushing a 19-year-old woman from a second-story balcony back in July.

The young woman was reportedly celebrating her birthday and checked into the Church Hill Motel with Marshall and another unnamed man.

During the evening, the woman apparently agreed to have sex with the other man in the room, but denied Marshall when he asked to have intercourse with her as well.

In a fit of rage, Marshall pushed the girl off the balcony. She survived the fall, but was reportedly crying on the ground when police arrived on the scene.

Marshall pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for his crime. In addition to his 10-day sentence, Marshall was given 11 months and 29 days of probation, and 96 hours of community service to complete along with anger management courses.

What’s more troubling is that Marshall will be eligible for early release after serving 75 percent of his sentence. This means he may not even spend the full 10 days behind bars.

Apparently, nearly killing someone is not considered a severe crime. Although they were only two stories up, the woman's landing could have resulted in life-threatening injuries. However, the outcome of this case goes beyond hypothetical scenarios about what could have happened to the woman.

The short sentence is a reflection of rape culture's role in how crimes against women are treated in our society. This woman’s life was threatened by a man simply because she didn’t want to have sex with him.

Instead of respecting her body and accepting the rejection — like he should have — Marshall lashed out violently against her, and this underlying issue should not be taken lightly.

Who’s to say he won’t do something like this to the next woman who rejects him? And she may not be so lucky. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @RawStory

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