Confused Man Makes His Way Onto Miami Airport Tarmac

What many, initially, thought was a security breach at Miami airport ended up being an innocent mistake, but the man could face charges anyway.

Aircrafts are seen on an airport tarmac.

A man who found himself lost while at the Miami International Airport ended up sprinting across the tarmac, causing everyone to think that they were witnessing some serious security issue unfold before their very eyes.

According to WSVN, the Miami-Dade police confirmed that the man involved in this bizarre incident had been dropped off at the airport just to fill out a job application.

As soon as he noticed he was in the wrong place, he chose to take what he called a “shortcut” through a restricted airport area by hopping over the airport’s perimeter and onto the tarmac. As he ran across it, cops arrived at the scene, prompting news channels to send out choppers to capture the debacle.

Thankfully, the man wasn’t a criminal, a terrorist, or anything of the like — he was just confused.

Regardless, police handcuffed the man and took him in for questioning.

As the FBI is now involved in the whole ordeal, it is unclear what charges, other than unlawful entry, the man could face. Still, he is not in the clear just yet.

Hopefully, this will teach future job applicants — and everyone else — that asking an airport staff member for directions beats getting arrested and questioned by the FBI.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters/Carlo Allegri  

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