‘This Isn’t Pakistan, B***h’: Man Spews Vitriol In Road Rage Incident

“I didn’t know what this guy is capable of. But just because I look different, just because I sound different, doesn’t mean you can attack me.”


A student in Kingsville, Texas was on the road towards his destination when he reportedly saw the car in front of him running a stop sign. Although it wasn’t something completely uncommon, he never knew the road rage would turn into a racist tirade.

Ali Alghamdi, 24, is studying at Texas A&M University. It was a usual day where he was running an errand when the black Chevrolet in front of him ran a stop sign. However, what was unusually odd was that the man kept slamming on breaks.

As they drove away, suddenly the car completely blocked the 24-year-old’s car, got out of his car and began racially abusing him. At one point the man, who remains unnamed, reportedly called Alghamdi a terrorist.

The action by the man shocked the student. He got scared and began recording the incident because he feared “something might happen to him.”

As the video began, Alghamdi told the man he cut of his way but the man abused him and accused him of tailgating. Alghamdi then interrupted the man and told him his language was abusive. However, the man kept using foul language.

They continued to argue as the man said, “This is America, dumbass. You better learn how to drive in America. This isn’t Pakistan, bitch. This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait, motherf*****. “This is not Pakistan, Afghanistan or Kuwait. We have rules in this fucking country.”

 “Where am I from?” asked Alghamdi.

Alghamdi, who is reportedly not from Pakistan, further asked the man why he thought he’s from Pakistan to which he replied, “You sound like a fucking Arab.”

At the end of the video the man once again told Alghamdi to “learn how to drive.”

The man then walked away and Alghamdi thought the encounter was over but it wasn’t. The man followed the student all the way to the place where he was headed. As Alghamdi finished his task at the place, the man spoke to a clerk and left shortly.

Just minutes after the man left, four cops reportedly arrived at the premises and demanded Alghamdi to show his identification. However, when he told the officers he had recorded the entire encounter, the cops asked him to file a police report so that an investigation could be launched.

The police later launched an investigation and identified the racist man. According to Lt. Bradley Lile, the man will be charged with disorderly conduct.

“Yes, it’s road rage, it happens to everyone. I look different, that’s when the incident went further. Absolutely, race was part of it. I didn’t know what this guy is capable of. But just because I look different, just because I sound different, doesn’t mean you can attack me,” said Alghamdi.

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