Man Hits Worker Over Head With Pipe, Yells 'Get Out Of America'

A man who's being accused of physically attacking a “Saddam Hussein-looking” man in an Oregon restaurant called the man a “terrorist” because of his looks.

Authorities in Salem, Oregon are investigating an incident involving Jason Kendall, 52, and an Al-Aqsa restaurant employee. The prejudiced man allegedly attacked the worker using racial slurs. Officials might be looking into this attack as a hate crime.

The incident happened when Kendall began yelling at the employee. The man called him an “Arab” saying he needs “to leave a**hole.” He also told the worker to “go back to your country, terrorist.” After being asked to leave by the victim, the 52-year-old complied only to return minutes later with a metal pipe. He eventually struck the victim over the head and told him to “get out of America,” Portland's KOIN 6 reports. 

Court documents also show that the man may have thrown something at the victim later, leaving him with a small bump on his head. Kendall told the police he saw an “evil totem” with Arabic writing on it and decided to throw it at the employee.

The man accused of attacking the restaurant employee also told officers that he saw a “Saddam Hussein-looking guy” and a woman inside the restaurant who he thought was a slave when he decided to go in to tell her she was “free to leave.” He was later charged with felony assault, misdemeanor intimidation, and unlawful use of a weapon.

FBI estimates show that there has been a six percent rise in hate crimes. When compared to data from 2014, incidents targeting Muslims increased 67 percent in 2015. Recently, an Arabic-speaking immigrant was sexually abused in front of her children in Texas. As the disgraceful feeling of divisiveness instigated by the 2016 presidential campaign continues to impact communities of immigrants and religious minorities many expect to see a greater number of similar incidents taking place across the country.

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