Man Fakes His Own Murder To Avoid Paying Bet Money

A man who lost a cricket bet faked his own murder on social media using red fruit juice as imitation blood to avoid paying the money he owed.


A bet on a cricket match took a bizarre turn when one of the losing participants went to desperate measures to avoid paying up.

He faked his own death.

Bangladesh police detained Adel Shikder for faking his murder on social media.

A video of Shikder’s staged murder was shared some 10,000 times, which prompted a search for his body.

The man went to great lengths in order to avoid paying $1,800. Not only did he use red fruit juice as imitation blood, according to senior Dhaka police official Kamruzzaman Sardar, “He hired a film makeup artist who is an occasional videographer to film his ‘murder’ after he lost a bet of 150,000 taka ($1,800) on the Nidahas trophy final between Bangladesh and India.”

In order to pull off this stunt, Shikder apparently received help from others as police said that four people were seen in the video — two appeared to slit his throat, while the other two were holding him down.

Photos of his slit throat covered in fake blood were anonymously sent to the person to whom he had lost the bet.

“He had won 40,000 taka from the same person during the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka semi-final, which Bangladesh won. He spent the money and then he made a bigger bet in the final,” Sardar said.

It seems in his desperation to evade the situation he had gotten himself into, Shikder didn’t even comprehend the shock and grief he would cause his family.

Police said Shikder phoned his younger brother by changing his voice and told him the body was in Chittagong, some 200 kilometers (125 miles) southeast of the capital.

The distraught parents reported Shikder's death to the police and then the search for his body began.

Obviously, the chance of police stumbling upon a dead body were next to none but Shikder’s facade soon crumbled when police arrested the makeup artist. Shikder was detained the next day in the central district of Faridpur, Sardar said.

“I did it so that he did not seek any money from me. I did not realize it would cause all this,” Shikder said when put in front of television cameras.

It is worth mentioning that betting in Bangladesh is illegal and such incidents are indicative of the fact that underground betting continues to exist and boom in the country.

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