Man Slaps Muslim Teen With Bacon, Calls Her 'ISIL Scum'

The teen was walking with her mother when the assailant slapped her with bacon, calling her "ISIL scum." He's now in jail for this horrific attack.

A Muslim teenager was verbally — and physically — assaulted while walking with her mother in the United Kingdom. Now, the assailant is in jail.

On June 8, the victim and her mother were walking on Hertford Road in Enfield, U.K., when Alex Chivers, 36, walked up to her and slapped her with a piece of bacon, calling her “ISIL scum,” Metro reports.

The man, who cowardly wore a ski mask and motorcycle helmet during the attack, also shouted “you deserve this” prior to hitting the woman with the pork product.

After the attack, the victim was obviously distressed, but while the attacker took precautions to cover his face with the mask, and his mouth, chin, and neck with black clothing, officials were able to track him down using surveillance footage.

Once in custody, Chivers admitted to committing the attack, being later sentenced to remain in jail for 38 weeks and pay a £115 ($150) fine. The man must also complete a 12-month supervision order after he's released.

Detective Constable James Payne from Enfield Community Safety Unit called the incident “truly shocking,” adding that “[t]he victim was out with her mother and getting on with her day when Chivers abused her and then set upon her with something he knew would both upset and offend her.”

The official said they are investigating to find those who were also involved in the attack as Chivers had a friend filming the incident. He's been asking community members who may have witnessed the attack to step up.

“The Community Safety Unit here in Enfield would encourage all victims of hate crime to contact police so that the culprits can be identified and brought to justice,” he said.

As local and Metropolitan officials recognize that many of these hate crimes go under-reported, they are also urging others who may have been mistreated or abused in similar or more aggressive ways to report the incidents to the police.

We sure hope victims don't feel intimidated when similar attacks occur. If anything, we must know when they happen so we can rightly call out those who commit these awful crimes. Bringing them to justice will send a warning to others so they know these assaults won't be met with impunity.

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