Man Kills Wife Aboard Cruise: She Wouldn't Stop 'Laughing At Me'

The husband, who appears to be the main suspect, was arrested after his wife was found dead and the murder is now under the investigation of the FBI.

Man stands near cruise ship.

Cruises aren't always romantic destinations. Sometimes, they serve as the perfect backdrop for... murder.

A man has just been charged with killing his wife while the pair were on board of a cruise ship. The 39-year-old woman, identified only by the initials K.M. but believed to be Kristy Manzanares from Utah, was killed because she was “laughing” at her husband, Kenneth Manzanares. According to what the husband allegedly told witnesses, her demeanor prompted him to commit the crime, ABC reports.

The couple was aboard a Princess Cruises ship in Alaska Tuesday night when the cruise's security and medical personnel were called to the cabin occupied by the couple just after 9 p.m., an FBI Special Agent Michael Watson's affidavit says. The woman was pronounced dead 20 minutes later.

The victim was found with a severe head wound. The cabin had been spattered with blood. The husband, a security officer told investigators, had blood on his hands and clothing.

A witness who was only identified by the initials D.H. told investigators that when he asked Manzanares what had happened, the husband simply said, “[s]he would not stop laughing at me.”

At some point before officials were called to the scene, witnesses say, they saw Manzanares grabbing the woman's body, dragging her toward the cabin's balcony and then dragging her back into the cabin by her ankles.

In his affidavit, Watson claims he has probable cause to believe Manzanares is guilty as he told officials “[m]y life is over” while he was being processed by the FBI.

After the tragic incident, Princess Cruises released a statement offering their condolences to the family.

Since a scheduled scenic tour was canceled after the tragedy, guests were told their shipboard folio would be credited automatically. Any other prepaid excursions were also going to be refunded, Princess Cruises reported.

The FBI should be announcing more on this case soon, Time reports.

It's terribly sad that this horrific murder was committed on a cruise, which is where many individuals choose to go to relax or simply enjoy the company and the scenery.

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