Man Fakes Being Quadriplegic For Hundreds Of Thousands In Benefits

Brian Matthews has acted as a quadriplegic for nearly 15 years collecting roughly $700,000 in filed benefits. But how much truth is there to his story?

Brian Matthews, 51, has told doctors and other medical professionals for nearly 15 years that he was unable to use his arms and legs as he was a quadriplegic. 

During those 15 years, Matthews went on to claim £250,00 (about $353,000) in handouts and rack up another £250,000 in other charges on file. 

But as the years went on, Matthews' case slowly began to unravel, unveiling that not only could he walk, but he wasn't ever quadriplegic at all. 

Suspicion surrounding the severity of Matthews' debility began to grow when he was seen in 2012 walking and simultaneously pushing his wife as she sat in a wheelchair. 

On a separate occasion, Matthews was visited by police officers who had discovered that even though his mobility car had been parked half a mile from his home, Matthews had no walking aids in his house. 

And despite having convinced doctors and other medical professionals that he was paralyzed, it turns out that he had never actually been given a comprehensive medical exam to confirm his claims. 

Matthews was then charged with fraud and required to go to court where he admitted to six counts of false representation and two counts of fraud.

The sentencing has been adjourned so that a full medical exam can be conducted in order to see the full length of his debility. 

Regardless, Matthews' future is looking pretty bleak.

"The overwhelming likelihood is that you will receive a lengthy jail sentence," Judge Robert Linford told him. 

Linford added: "Mr. Matthews maintained for a long time that he was quadriplegic. Over that time he was able to convince doctors and they did not properly test him because of trust. In recent years evidence that Mr. Matthews was capable of walking has emerged."

Matthews has been released on bail and will return to court on April 13 to receive sentencing. His expected jail time is currently unknown.

While this scam certainly deserves a steep punishment, the fact Matthews got away with it for more than a decade is impressive, perhaps even Academy Award-worthy.  

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