Man Mistakenly Shoots Himself After Drawing Gun In Road Rage Incident

A Florida gun owner allegedly felt threatened during an altercation in traffic and pulled out his weapon, but he accidentally fired it into his own leg.

A new case for gun control inadvertently comes from a Florida man who accidentally shot himself during a road rage incident.

According to Raw Story, two drivers stopped at an intersection in Orlando on Sunday and began arguing before they each exited their vehicles.

One of the enraged men, who reportedly felt threatened, pulled out his firearm. Alas, that decision proved to be a bad one when the man discharged the weapon and shot himself in the leg.

His injuries are not life-threatening, and he was legally carrying the weapon; however, this ordeal goes to show that gun owners can be a danger to themselves and others without proper gun safety training.

If the right-wing insists on fighting in favor of the Second Amendment, then they should be advocating just as aggressively for adequate and required gun safety education. 

We can simply write this guy off as an idiot because no one was seriously injured or killed, but the bottom line is that this could have ended tragically, changing the narrative drastically.

Incidents like these only give credence to the notion that guns don't belong in the hands of regular civilians.  

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