Man Molests Woman While Pretending To Take A Selfie In An Elevator

The woman was trying to get off the lift when the man tried to take a selfie with her and touched her inappropriately.

Selfie In Dubai

A 20-year-old man in Dubai allegedly molested a woman inside an elevator while pretending to take a selfie with her.

He was sentenced to a suspended jail term of six months this week.

The incident occurred on May 29 when the accused, an Egyptian cook, approached the 26-year-old Mexican woman inside an elevator at a building where she was staying at the time.

"It was around 11:40 p.m.,” the woman stated, according to a report filed at Al Rashidiyah police. “At first he tried to initiate a conversation with me. He pretended he wanted to take a selfie with me but I did not let him.”

She added as the man forcefully attempted to take a photo with her, she tried to get out of the lift. It was then when he suddenly lowered her trousers and touched her inappropriately. As per her report, he kissed her around five times on her face and lips against her will.

After escaping, the woman called the police, who later arrested the cook.

The woman suffered minor bruises as she tried to escape, according to a forensic examination.

The unidentified man pleaded not guilty to a sexual assault charge earlier, claiming the woman had dropped her complaint. He later admitted to the charge.

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