Man Allegedly Pepper-Sprays, Shouts Racial Slurs At Black Family

An unidentified man zoomed by an Oregon family on his bike and pepper sprayed three children and shouted racial slurs at the black children and their family.

Hate crimes towards African-Americans are a daily occurrence, and one man who pepper sprayed and used racial slurs against a black family is a recent addition to the list.

An unidentified man in Portland, Oregon first was friendly to the family's three children and asked how everyone was doing. He then viciously used pepper spray on all three kids as they were attempting to enter their vehicle, then shouted a racial slur at them as he rode past, Raw Story reports.

The Portland Police Bureau released a press release about the incident saying, “The suspect turned around northbound, riding back by the car and sprayed the kids with pepper spray.”

The statement added that one of the family members, Patricia Garner, the grandmother of the three children, “reported to police that the man yelled a racial epithet at them as he pepper sprayed the kids then rode away.”

Laurel Carrasco, the family’s neighbor, said that one of the children, a 12-year-old boy, was taken to the emergency room after the incident.

Carrasco was taken to the hospital since the pepper spray was still stuck on his skin, and it was so severe that his own physician had difficulty breathing from inhaling the fumes coming off the pepper spray. 

“The fumes coming off the child were enough to choke one of the doctors. He had to have several milk cloths put on him, and eventually had to be sedated,” Carrasco said.

The incident is being investigated as a biased attack, and there was no reported altercation prior to the man’s behavior towards the family.

Police are still investigating the incident and determining whether the man was a white or Hispanic male.

It’s outrageous that this man thinks he can get away with physically assaulting and emotionally attacking a black family all due to his bigoted racism, and simply escape on his bike as if nothing even happened. 

Banner Image Credit: The Oregonian, Twitter

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