Man Pretending To Be An Army General Takes Date On Helicopter Joyride

Wearing full military regalia, a North Carolina man picked up his date in a rented helicopter and flew around Raleigh, North Carolina, for three hours.

One man quite literally went above and beyond to impress his love interest.

According to Vice, Christian Desgroux, 57, impersonated a three-star United States Army general, rented a helicopter, and actually went on a fake “mission” all for the sake of landing a date.

Last November, Desgroux hired a helicopter to pick him up from his North Carolina home and fly him to the headquarters of SAS Institute, which is a software company where his crush worked. 

He landed the aircraft on the company’s soccer field and got out of it wearing “full military battle dress uniform,” according to Department of Homeland Security special agent Tony Bell.

"He saluted the security officers, and they actually saluted him back," Bell added.

Bell also said that his date “had no idea that he was flying a helicopter to pick her up.” Apparently, “she just went along with it.”

Desgroux had an entire bogus story cooked up to explain his elaborate arrival. He claimed that he’d flown to pick up the woman for a classified briefing — approved by President Donald Trump — at a nearby Army base. DHS agents, however, confirmed that his story was a big, fat lie and Desgroux has actually never served in the military.

His extravagant scheme worked in the moment, considering the pair spent three hours flying around Raleigh, North Carolina, adding up to about a $1,500 joyride.

When they landed the aircraft back on the SAS soccer field, security called authorities, and a joint terrorism task force began investigating the situation. Apparently, this was Desgroux's second time pulling this kind of stunt. The helicopter pilot told The Washington Post that he had hired a helicopter last year while wearing an army uniform and requested a landing at the Pentagon.

This time around, Desgroux is being charged with “pretending to be a United States Army Lieutenant General engaged in transporting a person for a classified briefing,” which could result in a sentence of up to three years in prison.  

While there certainly should be consequences for Desgroux’s actions, it’s clear that prison time is not what he needs. It seems he’s very out of touch with reality, therefore his mental health should be evaluated, and his punishment should be assessed accordingly.  

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pixabay, comuirgheasa

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