'I Hate Gay N****s': Man Pulls Gun On Passerby, Then Tweets Video

On Wednesday in Detroit, an armed man assaulted another man while shouting anti-gay and racial slurs at him. He then posted the incident to his own social media.

A man known as @BinSwanson on Twitter posted a disturbing video to the social media outlet on Wednesday night.

The 32 second clip—which he recorded himself and titled “I hate gay [expletive]”—depicts him sitting in a car outside a Detroit food and liquor mart listening to music. When another man walks out of the shop, the man with the camera calls him over to his car and proceeds to pull a gun on him while telling him to pull down his pants.

He can be heard saying, “Hey take your [expletive] pants off, man get the [expletive] on before I bust your [expletive]. Gay [expletive].”

Warning: Video Contains Violent Language

While police have been arresting people for what they post on social media, this anti-gay incident should be no different.

The Detroit Police Department has stated to Fox 2 Detroit that they are searching for both the perpetrator—and the victim—in what they are considering to be a hate crime. The fact that the victim has not come forward to report the incident to authorities is indicative of how commonplace these hostile acts are.

Photo credit: YouTube screenshot, Cute Penguins

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