Man Repeatedly Calls Black Driver The N-Word For Cutting Him Off

The man who was hurling slurs at Bentley Sanon claimed that Sanon had cut him off on the road, apparently using that as an excuse to justify his racist tirade.

Protester holds up "End Racism" sign at New York City Black Lives Matter rally.

Escaping racism for a person of color seems to be nearly impossible lately.

The racists and white supremacists that have been hiding in the darkest shadows of America are emboldened in the era of President Donald Trump, and they are proudly displaying their hate in grocery stores, on public transportation, and even in traffic.

Case in point: A now-viral video surfaced on social media in which a black man in Long Island, New York, is seen being accosted at a stop light by a white man who insisted on repeatedly calling him the N-word.

Bentley Sanon shared the clip on his Facebook profile Wednesday, writing that he was on his way to drop off his son when the disturbing encounter took place.

The man who was hurling slurs at Sanon also claimed in the video that Sanon had cut him off on the road, apparently using that as an excuse to justify his racist tirade.

The video immediately started spreading like wildfire and has since made its way across other social media platforms, catching the attention of social justice activist and journalist Shaun King, who shared it on his own profile and called for the racist man in the clip to be named and shamed.

Eventually, a screenshot from the Facebook page of Penelope Smith-Lopez revealed the man’s presumed identity, his employer, and some of his relatives.

Although details about the man's identity are still unfolding, his name, according to the post, is Brett S. Caiet. Some people have indicated that he may also go by the name "Scott," although that has not been confirmed. 

He was allegedly working for Paramount Chimney & Gutter Corp., but Smith-Lopez wrote that when you call the business to report Caiet, their automatic response is “he doesn’t work here anymore.”

The company took to social media to distance itself from the controversy, asserting that Caiet is a former employee and has not worked for them for nearly a year. 

Sadly, many people on Twitter who are familiar with the neighborhood where the incident occurred said that they weren't surprised by the irate man’s behavior.

Most days it is tough to believe that we are living in 2018, the so-called future, as it often feels like we're back in the civil rights era. 

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