Man Waves Gun At DAPL Protesters, Runs Over Them And Gets Away With It

During a peaceful prayer ceremony held by the “water protectors,” a man drove his white pick truck into the crowd, yelling, “This is my way home!”

A lot of people protesting at the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) site have been pepper-sprayed and arrested — mostly for alleged trespassing — since August.

The police allegedly beat the detainees and strip-searched them. In fact, according to one account, the arrested protesters were “forced to ‘squat and cough’ to demonstrate they had nothing hidden in their rectums.”

It’s important to remember that all of this is happening because the protesters are fighting to protect their land and river, which are currently at risk because of a multi-billion dollar oil pipeline project.

However, while peaceful anti-DAPL demonstrators are facing humiliation and police brutality, a man got away with much ease after pointing a gun at weapon-less protesters and running over some of them.

The incident happened during a prayer ceremony held near the construction site, which obstructed traffic.

A man driving a flatbed truck maneuvered towards the gathering, brandishing a pistol and yelling, "This is my way home!"

"Go around!" the protesters shouted in response. "We're peaceful! We don't have guns!"

However, the man drove on and ran over at least two people, injuring them. The Bismarck Tribune reports he fired at least seven shots in the air.

Although there are various videos and photos in which the driver can be seen clearly, he has not been identified yet by the police.


The Morton County Sheriff’s Department arrested 33 protesters this past weekend for alleged offenses like obstructing highway traffic, slashing tires of police vehicles and vandalizing bulldozers belonging to the pipeline company.

However, the man who perpetrated violence against unarmed protesters is still at large.

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