Man Runs Woman Down With His Car After She Rejects Him

A South African woman was left injured after a man ran her over with his vehicle because she rebuffed his sexual advances as she walked down the street.

An innocent woman was run down by a male motorist after rejecting his sexual advances.

A 29-year-old unnamed woman was walking with a male companion in the South African town of Verulam when a car full of men pulled up next to her and began to harass her, Times Live reports.

"Three male occupants in the vehicle chatted briefly to the woman who became angry at their sexual advances. She then swore at the driver and walked away,” a witness told local authorities.

"The driver then asked her male friend to stand away from the victim. He then drove his vehicle into her and fled,” the witness added.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening around 7 p.m. When the Reaction Unit South Africa authorities arrived, they discovered a “hysterical female lying on an unlit road.”

Her right leg was injured from the hit-and-run. She was treated by paramedics on the scene and later transported to a hospital.

Making matters worse, one of the men involved in the reprehensible act is believed to be a police officer who was off duty at the time. Witnesses gave authorities the details of the car they saw ram the woman, which was found in a grocery store parking lot shortly after the incident.

The driver was identified as an off-duty officer, but he denied any knowledge of the situation.

An investigation is reportedly underway; however, if this cop was indeed the person who ran the woman over, his status as a member of law enforcement may give him an advantage.

To think, all of this drama and turmoil ensued simply because she didn’t respond to being hassled on the street by strangers. This is misogyny at its worst. 

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