Migrant Children Reportedly Bathed In Shared Sinks In Office Building

ICE's contractor used an office building without showers or kitchens to house immigrant children, a new report said, in violation of their policy.

Activist holding sign that asks to "end family detention now."

Bill Weaver, a man who works at an office building in Phoenix, Arizona, told reporters he sees children under the care of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) being bathed in sinks shared by all of his building’s offices.

The space, he said, is rented by ICE contractor MVM Inc. For the past two years, he’s seen babies, children, and teenagers in the building, which has no private bathroom and no kitchens or showers.

“One time, I walked in and saw two kids washing themselves in their underwear in the sinks,” Weaver said. “MVM would throw away all their clothes and even throw away the brush they combed their hair with and then reclothe them in sweatsuits and crocs.”

When asked about the incident, MVM admitted that they have housed immigrant children overnight in another office building, which violates their own policies. They also said that they keep children in a second building.

ICE told reporters that it allows MVM to use the office buildings as “waiting areas” but refused to answer whether keeping the children overnight violates the agency’s $248 million contract with the company.

MVM once provided guards for CIA facilities in Iraq. Its founders were Secret Service agents, and one of its vice presidents is a former CIA special agent. By these details alone, it can be interpreted that this organization is not necessarily run by individuals who want to put children’s safety first.

As President Donald Trump continues to come under fire for his policy of separating families at the border, knowing that ICE is allowing children to be held in facilities that aren’t properly prepared is alarming and suggests justice may be far from reach. 


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