Out-Of-Control Selfies Leave A Historical Statue A Royal Mess

Selfie fever has once again managed to claim a life, this time around of a century-old statue.

After so many deaths and injuries, you'd think selfie takers would have learned their lesson by now.

But that’s not the case, apparently.

A young man’s attempt to take a photo standing next to the statue of a 16th-century Portuguese king ended in disaster.

The unidentified man climbed onto the pedestal of the Dom Sebastian statue at Rossio railway station in Lisbon, just before midnight, in order to get the perfect shot with the 126-year-old statue. Instead, he managed to bump into the statue, causing it to topple to the ground — where it smashed into dozens of pieces.


The 24-year-old tried to flee the scene of the misdemeanor but the police were able to catch him and he will have to appear in court at a later date.

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The small statue of the sword-wielding king was placed to guard the entrance of the station soon after it was opened in 1890. A spokesperson for Infrastructure Portugal said they were uncertain when the statue would be repaired or whether it would return to its location at the gates of the station. However, he declined the suggestion that it should be screwed to the base after it was fixed.

Sebastian inherited the throne of Portugal when he was just 3 years old following the death of his father and grandfather, and ruled from 1557 to 1578 A.D.

The child king died during the battle of Alcacer Quibir, at the age of 24, when his army was defeated by 60,000 soldiers who attacked him for invading Morocco. His body was never identified and so a legend was born that Sebastian had not truly died but will return one day to reclaim his throne and save Portugal in times of need.

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Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Rafael Marchante

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