Man Shot By Tennessee Deputy While On Facebook Live

A New Orleans man was shot and killed by a Tennessee deputy while on Facebook live. Officers were not unaware that the victim had any weapons in his car.

New Orleans native Rodney James Hess, 36, was shot and killed by a Crockett County deputy in Tennessee on Thursday, reports show. And the entire ordeal was broadcast live on Facebook by the victim himself.

The man had parked his car sideways, blocking traffic on the Highway 412 East ramp. As traffic became a problem, deputies were called to the scene. According to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesman Josh DeVine, Hess was “erratic.”

“Preliminary information indicates Hess attempted to use his vehicle, his SUV, to strike the officers at least twice,” DeVine said. Backup was only summoned once a Crockett County deputy arrived at the scene. He thought he would need the help of other officers to handle the situation.

Multiple officers were present as an altercation took place.

At least one deputy shot at Hess through the front windshield even though they did not immediately know if the man was armed.

Warning: the video main contain disturbing content.

"We're working to examine what he might have said, what he might have done. The work at this point is preliminary," DeVine said.

After being shot, Hess was still able to drive across the Highway 88 overpass where moments later he crashed in a ditch off Highway 412. He died after being sent to the hospital, reports show.

It's absolutely terrible that these incidents continue to happen across America.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Chris Helgren

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