Racist Man Beats Up Asian Delivery Worker While Shouting ‘White Power’

“You are a f*****g immigrant, go back to your country,” Steven Zatorski allegedly yelled while kicking and punching the victim.

An Asian immigrant delivery worker was brutally beaten to “senselessness” in Midtown Manhattan during a hate crime.

The man charged with the attack has been identified as a white 48-year-old Manhattan resident named Steven Zatorski. He allegedly attacked the victim, who has not been named, while yelling, “You are a f*****g immigrant! Go back to your country! What are you doing here?” the New York Daily News reports.

Zatorski also said, “Here in my country, we are white power!” according to the NYPD.

The assault appears to be unprovoked and the men, the police confirmed, did not know each other.

Zatorski reportedly went up to the victim as he was walking down Third Avenue to deliver Amazon packages. The attacker then suddenly started punching and kicking him.

The delivery worker “suffered pain, swelling, and bruising to his right eye,” the NYPD added.

Zatorski has been charged with “one count of third-degree assault as a hate crime and one count of third-degree assault,” as per the Manhattan District Attorney's Office’s statement to NBC News.

Asian immigrants and Asian-Americans, along with other racial and religious minority groups, have been targeted in similar inci`dents recently in the United States. Just in February, a Korean grandmother was randomly hit in the head by a white woman who screamed “white power” in Los Angeles, California.

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