Man Sold A Printer For $40, Was Then Sued For $30,000

For over six years, a Craigslist user found himself in a legal dispute over damages after selling a used printer for a reasonable price when he ended up having to pay the buyer.

From selling sporting tickets to homes, Craigslist is intended to be an easy, functional and stress-free method to purchase and sell items on the site.

For Craigslist user, Doug Costello, this unfortunately was not the case.

Doug Costello, a 66-year-old man from Massachusetts, placed an advertisement more than six years ago on Craigslist that his printer was for sale.

Gersh Zavodnik, an Indianapolis resident, responded to the ad and decided to purchase the printer.

Soon after purchasing the used printer, Zavodnik decided to sue Costello for falsely advertising the printer that was broken and had missing parts, according to USA Today.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time Zavodnik has sued someone for damages of a product.

The Craigslist buyer has a long history of bringing dozens of lawsuits to people who sell products online, claiming them as damaged items.

After years of the court dismissing the case and Zavodnik appealing the dismissals, Costello finally decided to hire an attorney in 2013.

Last year, Zavodnik was awarded $30,044.07 for breach of contract.

Costello has decided to not sell anything online anymore after over six years of a financial and legal lawsuit over selling his printer.


"I've had enough," Costello said. "I don't need him [Zavodnik] in my life anymore."

The appeals court is currently deciding if they should hold a hearing to dismiss the case altogether due to Zavodnik’s failure to follow Indiana’s rules.

It’s absolutely appalling that people are so selfish and desperate for money that they succumb to suing others for mass amounts of money for unimportant reasons that can be fixed without legal action.

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