Acid Is Becoming The Weapon Of Choice For London’s White Supremacists

A Bengali man had his car stolen and became the latest victim to this violent hate crime on Commercial Road, near Watney market in London.


Acid attacks in Britain are on the rise.

An aspiring model and her cousin became the victims of an unprovoked acid attack in London, United States in June.

Resham Khan, 21, and Jameel Mukhtar, 37, who are both Muslims, were out celebrating Khan’s birthday when a man threw acid into their car, resulting in “life-changing” injuries for both of them.

What’s even more appalling is the fact that this wasn’t the only incident of such a nature in Britain.

A Twitter user has posted a video stating that a Bengali man became the latest victim to this violent hate crime on Commercial Road, near Watney market in London. Not only did the four attackers spray him with acid but also took the opportunity to steal his car.

Other unconfirmed reports of such attacks have also resurfaced. A Twitter user on Wednesday wrote one of his friends had acid thrown at his car neat Wanstead and Forest Gate in east London. He also warned the perpetrators were targeting people who seemed to be of South Asian descent or “looked Muslim.


Now the British people are standing up to these attacks.

At least two petitions have been set up asking the government of the United Kingdom for acid only to be sold to people with license. The petition has already been signed by 117,832 supporters as of writing this.

Sarmad Ismael, a Muslim man who set up the petition, stated the British government should take harsher stances against purchase of acid as it is just as lethal as guns.

“It is far too easy to purchase acid. It's just as lethal as a gun, so why is it so accessible to any person. I can see these sorts of attack rising if something is not done soon,” he told BuzzFeed News.

Ismael started the petition after that attack on Khan and Mukhtar changed their lives.

“I really do feel for these people and the little help I am offering by starting this petition isn't enough as they will have to deal with these life changing consequences given to them by horrendous evil individuals who do not deserve to even be a part of society,” he added.

Figures obtained by BBC in March revealed that perpetrators were switching from knives to acid as their weapon of choice, as it cannot be traced back to the suspect.

Since 2010, there have been more than 1,800 reports of attacks involving corrosive substances in London. In 2016, there have been 454 crimes relating to acid, according to the Met Police department.

Since the beginning of 2017, there have been 49 such crimes where “corrosive fluids” have been thrown at people with “intent to cause grievous bodily harm,” stated the March report.

The number of acid attacks has increased since then.

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