Man Buckles Up Precious Beer Cartons In Car Instead Of Children

Forget driving under influence, people are now being charged for driving around with their beer bottles strapped into the seat.

Australian police officers have charged and suspended a driver who was allegedly found driving around in a car with buckled up cartons of beer — while his children went unrestrained in the footwell.

During a traffic patrol of the Great Northern Highway near Broome, law enforcement officials came across the unnamed 27-year-old who had several children, including an infant under the age of 1, in his vehicle. Some of them were lying in the laps of the adults in the car, while others were squashed into whatever space they found. 

He has now been stripped of his driving privileges.

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"This is the third traffic action we've had at that location with significant amounts of alcohol being conveyed along that route," said Kimberley District Superintendent Allan Adam.

"We've also got some serious concerns around the number of people that are driving on suspended licenses and also not restraining themselves and their passengers,” he added.

The police officers did not seem particularly surprised by the incident since they have come across some similar cases previously. However, it is indeed bizarre that people are willing to risk their children’s life by letting them remain unbuckled while choose to protect their beloved cartons of beer instead.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Wikimedia

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