People Think A Person Attacking A Black Man With A Machete Is Funny

The black man was staring at his cell phone screen when Louis Roman shouted at him to pay attention — then allegedly flashed a gun clip at him threateningly.



This is not funny.

A man armed with a machete and gun clip threatened a black pedestrian in New York City who was not paying attention to where he was going.

The New York Post reported the 35-year-old unnamed man was staring at his cell phone screen when 40-year-old Louis Roman shouted at him to pay attention — then flashed a gun clip at him threateningly.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning at Upper West Side street.

Witness Paul Tena took out his own cell phone and started recording the interaction when the black man responded by throwing a trash can at Roman’s car. Enraged, the driver came out of his car, brandishing a machete and started chasing the man with it. Roman’s female companion inserted herself between the two men, pointed fingers at the pedestrian and said something to him. She then turned back to her partner and apparently tried to placate him.

She succeeded in taking him back to the car but as the pedestrian came around the vehicle to retrieve something from the ground and put it in his pocket (probably his dropped cell phone), Roman ran at him again, waving his machete. The pedestrian quickly placed a trash can in front of himself to defend himself against the assault. Roman retreated and went back to his car as the black man started dialing his phone.

Seeing that the couple was leaving, the pedestrian quickly opened the passenger’s seat. Roman ran out of his car, once again armed with the machete, and without fear of the consequences started madly slashing at the black man. He then flung his 2-foot-long knife at the man and ran back to his car.

The pedestrian chased him and dragged him from the vehicle and the two end up in a fist fight in the middle of the (thankfully empty) street. The two then flung some trash at each other before Roman got inside the car for good.

Soon after Pena stopped recording, police arrived, arrested Roman and charged him with assault, criminal mischief, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

No charges were filed against the second man.

A lot of people have found humor in the situation.





However, it isn’t funny at all considering the amount of hate crimes against the African-American community by white supremacists.

Case in point: In March, James Harris Jackson fatally stabbed a black man in Manhattan. He later claimed he came to the city to “kill black people.”

In May, a white supremacist, Anthony Robert Hammond, went on a racist rampage in California and stabbed an African American man in the shoulder, grievously injuring him.

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