Man Threatens Kids At Gunpoint For 'Vandalizing' His Trump Sign

Michael Kubek, a middle-aged man living in Michigan, was arrested after calling the police on a group of vandals who tipped over his Trump yard sign.

At this point in the election, it’s become more than clear that Donald Trump has brought out the worst in some folks. Spikes in politically-related violence and hate crimes have seemingly pushed the nation back to the 1950s.

As a recent case in point, a middle-aged man living in Michigan held up six kids at gun point for vandalizing his Trump-Pence yard sign, Raw Story reported. But instead of the kids being arrested for damaging the sign, the man himself was taken into custody.

On Oct. 29, Michael Kubek, 56, a resident of Allen Park, called police to report that a group of teenagers had knocked over his Trump campaign sign and then ran away.

When police appeared at Kubek’s home, he was no longer there. Instead, police found him on a neighbor’s lawn shouting at a group of six children between the ages of 12 and 14 while pointing a gun at them.

Although Kubek later admitted to police that he hadn’t actually seen the people who damaged his campaign sign, he groundlessly placed the blame on the nearest group of children that he could find.

Kubek said he wasn’t planning on shooting the children, he simply wanted to scare them by pointing his gun at them. The gun was unloaded and he did have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but threatening to use the gun on children suggests a serious departure from rationality.

Police arrested Kubek for felonious assault and released him on $5,000 bond.

Throughout this particularly belligerent election race there have been countless reports of campaign signs being vandalized, but it’s not too often that the sign owner is the one who gets arrested. The fact that Kubek is a Trump supporter makes the irony that much more laughable. 

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