Man Wanted To ‘Shoot Up’ School Where Underage Girlfriend Was Bullied

A man threatened to "shoot up" the school where his underage girlfriend was being bullied. Now, he's in jail and police are promising to secure the school.

Police tape around student parking lot.

A man from Ohio threatened a shooting at a school after his teen girlfriend said she was being bullied by her classmates.

William C. Ingle, 21, was arrested on Wednesday after his coworker contacted Piqua police to alert them that Ingle wanted to “shoot up” one of the local city schools. Police did not disclose which school was under threat. The investigation is ongoing.

The suspect reportedly made threatening statements involving explosives and adding that other school shooters have all been “amateurs,” his coworker told police.

Piqua Chief of Police Bruce Jamison said that they are also not allowed to talk about the wanna-be shooter’s motives.

“We are receiving some additional information about some other incidents surrounding this, so we’re really not speaking to [Ingle’s] motive right now,” he said.

However, court documents indicate that his partner, who’s 14 and a junior high school student, had been under stress because of bullying at school.

Jamison added that he’s grateful Ingle’s coworker reported him in time.

“I’m pleased that our entire community takes threats like this seriously,” he said. “We have citizens willing to say something when they hear something.”

Thankfully, Ingle did not carry out his threats as police took him into custody and charged him with the third-degree felony of making false alarms. He’s in jail on $25,000 bond and will have a psychiatric evaluation.

While the school he reportedly threatened hasn’t been revealed, police said that the institution at risk has been alerted and that steps have been made so that Ingle may not set foot at the school if he’s released.

On Facebook, the suspect appears to call himself “The Satanic Monster.” In one of his updates, he mentioned his girlfriend, saying that he lied to her.

We’re glad this threat has been mitigated in time. Still, this story should also inspire locals to press their officials and lawmakers to implement changes that could prevent a potential shooting in the future.

Hopefully, people across the country remain on high alert so that other potential shooters, like Ingle, can be stopped before it’s too late.
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