Man Tries To Choke Muslim Nurse With Her Own Hijab

The man, along with three others, verbally assaulted a nurse near her home in England while at least one attacked her physically, leaving her injured and bruised.

Woman wearing a veil over her head. A nurse from Staffordshire, England, has been the victim of a horrific physical assault just because she is Muslim.

Jake Hammersley, 25, was arrested after ripping the hijab off of a 29-year-old Muslim nurse and then punching her. According to The Independent, the man tried to tie the nurse's head scarf to her neck, choking her. When she tried to defend herself, he punched her in the face, leaving her with a two-inch cut on her nose and a bruise on her neck.

The man started verbally assaulting her prior to pulling off her hijab. As the victim announced she was going to call her son, someone grabbed her phone from her. That's when Hammersley physically assaulted her.

Hammersley pleaded guilty to the charges of religiously aggravated assault, assault by beating, and inciting racially-based fear.

Judge Paul Glenn said that the victim was so afraid, “[s]he ran to her brother's house — she was upset, crying, and shaken up.”

“She’s a nurse and a carer and was on her way out to care for a lady” when the incident happened, Glenn added.

While Hammersley was convicted, Prosecutor Caroline Harris said that at least four men were involved in the assault. But because the victim called for help, three men ran away.

As the victim's nephew ran to her aid, she ran with him to her brother's house and several people came out to help. 

The attacker was later sentenced to 40 weeks in jail after pleading guilty.

It's good to know that people came to the victim's rescue, but it's still troubling that at least three other men involved in this attack were not brought to justice.

If we're serious about putting an end to this type of hate-driven crime, we must also do all we can to make sure attackers face justice. Otherwise, more will continue to act aggressively and with impunity, knowing they can get away with nearly anything.

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