Man Unknowingly Gives Convenient Store Clerk A Winning Lottery Ticket

An unnamed Missouri man's generous tradition of giving store clerks a lottery ticket and keeping one for himself cost him his chance to win nearly $400,000.

A Missouri man who was just paying it forward managed to hand over a winning lottery ticket to the clerk at the convenient store where he purchased it.

“He came in on his usual route and grabbed two tickets. He just gave me one and said ‘Have a good night,’” said Katerina Thornton, who works at Stockham’s Gas Mart in Festus, Missouri.

According to KMOV, the customer is known for buying two tickets, keeping one, and giving the other to the cashier on duty. Only this time, his generosity cost him $384,000 winnings.

“It was a whole ordeal. I didn’t even know about it and went to work leaving the ticket at my house,” said Thornton.

“My boss came up and asked if I had happened to get one," she continued. "So, I called my mom and had her look at the numbers. I think my boss was more excited than I was at first. I was in shock. I was definitely not expecting it.”

The lucky woman reportedly plans to use some of the money on a down payment for her first home, set some aside for her son’s college fund, and save whatever's leftover.

Although the customer willingly took the risk of losing out on a winning ticket, Thornton should track him down and share a portion of her winnings with the kind customer who gave her the ticket. That would be a benevolent way to bring the life-changing moment full circle.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Bartosz Senderek / Creative Commons BY-SA-2.5 / Wikimedia Commons

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