Man Unleashes N-Word-Laced Tirade: 'White Men Built These Streets'

A racist man in Seattle was caught using derogatory terms and saying that "white men built" the roads they were standing on. It was all caught on camera.

A white man with a long criminal history thought it was wise to yell at a black man in Seattle in public, using the N-word and threatening him as well as anybody else who tried to intervene.

Thankfully, the exchange was caught on camera, and the police later arrested him.

Keoke Silvano saw the man, 35-year-old Steven Jay Watts, yell obscenities at a black man in Seattle, so he pulled out his phone and started filming.

“No cameras n*****,” Watts said to Silvano, who’s Filipino. “I run this country!”

As the man continued on his rant, others joined, including white men who were basically accused of being traitors.

“You running with these n*****s?” he said. “Get the f*** out of my face.”

“Put your hands on me n*****,” Watts told the black man while on camera. “I run this country; you guys are dead.”

The man being attacked then said, “I ain’t gonna put my hands on — I’m gonna kill your b***h a**.”

“You’re going to kill me? Come on, n*****,” Watts said.

When one of the men told him to “get out of this neighborhood” and that Watts did not belong there, Watts told the men that white people were going to “bury” them.

“We built these streets! White men built these streets!” he said.

Silvano told reporters that he started filming as a way to protect the man being harassed.

“Just as a photographer, my instinct is to document. So I pulled out my cellphone and started recording,” he said. “The main thing is if something happened either to myself or the gentleman sitting here, I would have some sort of living document of what was happening.”

This reality of racial abuse, Silvano added, isn’t addressed as it should be by society as a whole. The result? People like him and the man who was being insulted by Watts are victimized.

“It really says something about what our community as a whole have to deal with, people of color have to deal with on a daily basis,” he added.

After police showed up and arrested Watts for harassment and obstruction, he pleaded not guilty to all charges. Apparently he was oblivious that video of the exchange clearly showed that he was more than happy to threaten anyone who disagreed with him.

“I’m getting harassed everywhere I go in this country. Everywhere in this country, I get harassed,” he told the court.


Now that the video has gone viral, however, Silvano said that there’s a silver lining to this horrific incident.

According to the photographer who wanted to show America how racism exists even in diverse areas, such as Beacon Hill, this incident turned out to be “encouraging.” After all, it served to prove that there are a lot more people willing to stand up to hate than people being hateful.

While that’s clearly a truthful point, it’s hard not to wish this entire ordeal hadn’t happened in the first place. But perhaps, in this day and age, people like Watts may feel empowered because of President Donald Trump.


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