Man Vandalized Childhood Friend’s Grave Over Decades-Long Grudge

A 69-year-old shamelessly desecrated his deceased friend’s grave after the dead man stole money from him years ago when they were children.

A Pennsylvania man is still holding a grudge against his now deceased friend after he stole money from him as a kid.

Paul Donovan Jr., 69, vandalized his friend's grave at a cemetery after the dead man stole $300 from a box in his bedroom 56 years ago, Daily Local News reported.

Two years ago, Donovan Jr. wrote “John” with orange spray paint twice on his deceased friend’s tombstone and last year, he poured a black tar-like substance on the grave at Saint Matthews Cemetery in Montgomery County. 

Hidden cameras set up by police caught the 69-year-old in his multiple acts of desecrating the sacred space.

He was sentenced to two years of probation and is required to pay $1,500 to the family of the deceased. 

Donovan Jr. pleaded guilty to the vandalism and told police that he would “pay back restitution minus the $300 he was owed over 56 years ago,” Detective G. Lattanze wrote in the complaint.

It’s despicable that someone would go to the extent of vandalizing someone else’s grave just because a man stole money from him as a child. 

Banner Image Credit: James Case, Flickr/Creative Commons

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