Man Sues 'Pokemon Go' Creators To Get Players Out Of His Backyard

A man in New Jersey is so upset that “Pokemon Go” players keep showing up at his property, so he decided to sue the company responsible for the nuisance.

Some “Pokemon Go” addicts have no boundaries when it comes to chasing the digital creatures, and one man is taking legal action because of it.

Jeffrey Marder, a resident in West Orange, has decide to sue Niantic Labs, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Go companies in an attempt to keep gamers off of his property, according to RT.

In a complaint, Marder is blaming the company for motivating the players to illegally trespass on his private property.

Jennifer Pafiti, his lawyer, wrote in the complaint, "Niantic has encouraged Pokemon Go’s millions of players to make unwanted incursions onto the properties of the plaintiff and other members of the class—a clear and ongoing invasion of their use and enjoyment of their land from which defendants have profited and continue to profit.”

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Several unknown gamers have been showing up at Marder’s property uninvited, hoping to enter his backyard to catch a cyber creature.

“At least five individuals knocked on the plaintiff’s door, informed the plaintiff that there was a Pokemon in his backyard, and asked for access to the plaintiff’s backyard in order to ‘catch’ the Pokemon,” the complaint states.

The gaming app allegedly uses GPS navigation coordinates for users to track the creatures they are seeking to find.

Despite the sudden lawsuit from one angry homeowner, “Pokemon Go” does inform gamers in their guidelines not  to illegally trespass on private property.

“Please do not trespass, or in any manner gain or attempt to gain access to any property or location where you do not have the right or permission to be.”

“Pokemon Go” players need to abide by the game’s rules and not take their chances to trespass a person’s property just to gain more points in their game

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