Man Who Assaulted His Girlfriend Blames Casino For Free Alcohol

A man who nearly killed his girlfriend during a fight while intoxicated is now suing the casino for giving him “too many free drinks.”

According to New York Magazine, a Pennsylvania man who nearly beat his girlfriend to death five years ago is now suing the casino where they were spending the night for serving him too much alcohol.

Navy veteran Nicholas Mullins spent four years in jail after being found guilty in 2012 for assaulting his then-girlfriend, Caitlin Shields, at Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem. Mullins, 31, is still on probation for the attack, which was so severe that Shields suffered brain injuries and almost died from the wounds to her head.

Associated Press reported that Mullins now expects payment from Sands for serving him “too many free drinks” prior to the attack. Moreover, adding insult to injury, his attorney Stuart Niemtzow stated, “His life is the one that got ruined here.” Mullins was allegedly given 15 drinks on the house before he beat Shields in their hotel room.

Judge Paula Roscioli, the judge presiding over his hearing, was “shocked” and pointed out the sad fact that Mullins’ victim is not suing him for beating her up, but instead the aggressor wishes to be remunerated. She said, the victim “chooses not to file the suit against the Sands, but the man who ended up hitting her and causing her injuries… wants to be compensated.”

Mullins, who pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in 2012, claims that he slapped Shields to defend himself, and nothing more, after she “attacked him” for losing $800. She allegedly kneed him in the groin, according to his lawyer.

The plaintiff reportedly suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, but that certainly does not warrant him the entitlement to remuneration from the casino for attacking Shields while inebriated.

However, his complaints that he’s not able to find a job because of his time spent behind bars seem legitimate. In 2014, only 36 percent of ex-convicts found employment. 

Then again, you'd probably never want this guy bagging your groceries.

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